Cut-Up 12/19
Luzie Meyer and
Johanna Odersky
Film, exhibition and performance


Program of the exhibition

Werdnesday, December 19th, 7 pm

Film, exhibition and performance
Luzie Meyer, The Flute, 2018
Johanna Odersky, Iku (live),
organised by Juliane Duft

Luzie Meyer’s performances, films and sound pieces reflect contemporary image production and the entanglements of the “I” within itself and with its environment. Luzie Meyer’s performance The Flute, which was performed at the Kunstverein on March 28, 2018, documented itself. The rehearsal situation around the flutist was also the plot. Meyer and the performers filmed each other. Mise-en-abyme, “The Flute ” returns to its place of origin and celebrates its premiere as a film in the Kunstverein. Johanna Odersky works in sculpture and as Iku with electronic sound to build different spaces and atmospheres and then tear them down again. She cuts her sculptures from steel sheets. Fragile and flexible, they take different shapes adapting to the space in which they are shown. In her performance as Iku (live) Odersky samples melancholic indie tracks. Associatively cut-up and interwoven, they merge like a memory into haziness.

Please note that the event will take place in English and will be filmed.
Admission €4 / concessions €2. Free for members.

Visual: Luzie Meyer and Johanna Odersky, 2018