Film screening: Lukas Moodyssons’ Film Container in context to the exhibition of Sean Snyder, 18.12.2013
Event: Lectureby Claus Richter on the Beauty of Christmas, 11.12.2013
Event: Sven Lütticken on Sean Snyder, 04.12.2013
Open Ateliers: Kölnischer Kunstverein and Schokoladenmuseum, 30.11.2013
Event: Artist Talk with Jan Paul Evers, 27.11.2013
Exhibition: Sean Snyder, No Apocalypse. Not Now, 09.11.-22.12.2013
Event: Artist Talk with Jacob Kassay, 13.11.2013
Exhibition: Ceal Floyer, 06.09.-20.10.2013
Exhibition: Stefan Müller. Allerliebste Tante Polly, 18.04.-30.06.2013
Exhibition: Thea Djordjadze. november, 16.02.-31.03.2013
Concert: Alfons Knogl mit Daniel Ansorge & Holger Otten, The World In Pieces, 15.02.2013