Exhibition: Cut-Up and Wolfgang Tillmans, 23.11. – 19.12.2018
Event: Film, exhibition and performance: Luzie Meyer, The Flute, 2018 / Johanna Odersky, Iku (live), organised by Juliane Duft, 19.12.2018
Event: Filmscreening and Talk with Bonnie Camplin / Starship magazine / Record Release “Musix’ Lost Its Colour” with Eric D. Clark, 16.12.2018
Event: Filmscreenings and talk: Marte Eknaes & Michael Amstad. A People Mover Evening, 13.12.2018
Event: Reading and films: Helene Hegemann and Deborah Schamoni, 7.12.2018
Event: Im Trailerpark der Angreifbaren. A Sideshow Varieté to the film “Die Angreifbaren” by Kerstin Cmelka and Mario Mentrup, 4.12.2018
Event: Radio Play/Performance. Ellen Yeon Kim and Mark von Schlegell, MUFA (Museum of Unfinished Art), 30.11.2018
Event: Workshop. Politics and Space with Ayasha Guerin; organised by Taylor Macklin, 23.11.2018
Event: Film screening, reading and Artist Talk. Rirkrit Tiravanija, Karl’s Perfect Day, 2017; Reading by Karl Holmqvist and Artist Talk with Nikola Dietrich, 23.11.2018
Exhibition: Julien Ceccaldi: Solito, 8.9. – 11.11.2018
Event: Filmscreenings during Solito by Julien Ceccaldi, 20.9. – 7.11.2018
Event: Artist Talk with Julien Ceccaldi, 09.09.2018
Event and exhibition: Albrecht Fuchs: 31 Portraits, 27.6. – 01.7.2018
Event: Roy & Siegfried. Performance by Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann, 20.6.2018
Exhibition: Walter Price: Pearl Lines, 20.4. – 17.6.2018
Exhibition: Alex Da Corte: THE SUPƎRMAN, 20.4. – 17.6.2018
Event: The Boomerang Effect. Performance by Isabella Fürnkäs, 13.6.2018
Event: Are we entertainment? A presentation of Alexey Vanushkin, 9.5.2018
Event: The Flute. Performance by Luzie Meyer, 28.3.2018
Exhibition: Adriano Costa: wetANDsomeOLDstuffVANDALIZEDbyTHEartist, 17.2. – 25.3.2018
Exhibition: Talia Chetrit: Showcaller, 17.2. – 25.3.2018
Event: Studio Visit. Performative Screening by Henning Fehr and Philipp Rühr, 7.3.2018